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"Jesus Christ Who Lives in His Church, Source and Hope for Europe"- the Second Synod of European Bishops

From 1 - 23 October 1999 the Second Special Synod of Bishops for Europe will take place in Rome as the final event in the series of continental synods.

So far two preparatory documents have been completed the Lineamenta and the Instrumentum laboris -- in which the bishops were asked to initiate  vigorous discussion in their respective regions as a method of involving all the faithful in the progress of the Synod.  In fact, to date the bishops have done little or nothing of the sort. Consequently, the impression arises that they consider this Synod as their "private affair."

Forum of European Christians FEC

For this reason, the International Movement We are Church/IMWAC and the European Network Church on the Move/EN will jointly pay close and critical attention to this synod. We will gather in Rome for three days (from Thursday, 7 October to Saturday, 9 October 1999) in order openly to express our feelings of joy and hope, sadness and anxiety, vis-a-vis the current situation of the church in Europe. While on location, we hope to prepare an analysis of the situation to be distributed as a contribution from the People of God to the members of the various faith communities of Europe, the bishops gathered in Rome, the democratic institutions of Europe, and the media..

An essential part of this process  will take place over the Internet to include as many people as possible who could not otherwise be in Rome. In this way they will be offered a forum for participating in the discussions and sharing their opinions with others.

In this web site you will find the basic text of a Declaration which will be passed on to the Synod of Bishops while the Forum is in session.  In addition you will find three documents concerning the most important topics we plan to consider during the Roman Forum: 1. Church structures, subsidiarity and collegiality,  2. Position of women in European church and society, 3. Conflicts and reconciliation in Europe, migration and interreligious dialogue. 

Participation in the Forum of European Christians -- FEC 

Everyone is cordially invited to participate personally in this Forum (and the international meeting of We are Church) in Rome from  7 - 9 October (or 10  October).

Information and Registration:

Isaac Wüst
Erasmuslaan 92
NL 1185 BJ Amstelveen
Tel.: 0031 20 645.9868

Participation on the Internet: You are also cordially invited to take part in the discussion concerning the Statement and the three clusters of topics by sending your contributions as soon as possible, but no later than September 15,  to the respective e-mail address.

Languages: If possible, we ask that you send your contribution in English, French, or German; we will try to consider contributions in other languages as well.

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